What are the age range of people in your site?
For security reasons, we only allow 21 years old and above. There’s no upper limit as we believe, love knows no age. Don’t worry, you will only be paired to the age preference that you set unless you set it to everyone.

Can I use a fake name?

Yes. It doesn’t matter what name you use but you need to provide a proof of identity upon sign up. This will help us filter people with multiple accounts and also people who are trying to take advantage of our other users. Don’t worry, your ids won’t be shown anywhere else.

What if I don’t provide a proof of identity?

You won’t be able to look at the profile of other people. Until we have verified that you are real, we can’t let you contact anyone using our site. This maintains our integrity and security so everyone will have a safe space using our site.

Do you guarantee that I’ll find my partner here?

No. We don’t guarantee it because at the end, it will be based on you as a person. You need to show your prospects the real you and that you are very likeable. Of course, if your personality does not match, then it will be difficult.

I lost my password, how can I get it back?

You can contact our customer service and you will be required to do a quick video call for us to verify that it is really you. We can’t send any information without the video call proving that it is you who asked for the password.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. For whatever purpose you may have, you can’t have more than one account. If we find out that you have multiple accounts, it might lead to account suspension or termination.