If you are one of the lucky people to find their loving partner online, then you should make sure that your first date is a blast. Since you’ve met online, you need to have a great idea that will stand out, something that your partner never experienced before. That will show off your personality and will give your partner an idea of who you really are.

DOG LOVER? Then Go to A Dog Café


There are so many dog cafes nowadays where you can pet dogs while enjoying your meal. If you are a dog person, and your partner is also, then it is a great place for you to bond. It is safe because it’s public and generally filled with people and you already have a topic to begin with. There will be no awkward silences because the cute dogs will fill in the boring times for you.

A Quick Trip To Chinatown

In any place, there is always a version of a Chinatown where the Chinese community lives. This will give you a preview of their culture and at the same time, their amazing cuisine. You wil both enjoy the views and the cultural feel of the location and at the same time, your belly will be filled with amazing paos and dimsums.


You can also both volunteer at any charitable event near you. This is an amazing place to first meet because the atmosphere is just positive. Because you are sharing your time with other people, you will see if your future partner is a good person deep inside.

Do a Couple Class

Learning a new skill has always been fun. And it’s even funner if you are doing it with someone. You can either choose an art class or a cooking class. Something that you both like. And definitely, you will have a great time getting to know each other and at the same time learning something new.

First dates can be intimidating but it should never be boring. These are some creative ideas that you can use but you can also think of your mutual interests as your starting point. Time to put your thinking hat on and start being creative.